The City of Calipatria is located about 150 miles east of San Diego, 100 miles South of Palm Springs. The area is predominately agricultural. Calipatria is surrounded by various recreational activity locations. The Glamis Dunes located about 40 miles from the city is home to many off road enthusiasts. Rock collecting, deer and dove hunting are also nearby about 30 miles from the city in the Chocolate Mountain areas. Fishing, camping and bird watching are a big interest along the Salton Sea area located about 5 miles from here. The Salton Sea is also home to the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge where bird watching enthusiasts can enjoy the various species of birds frequenting the area. There is an annual bird watching festival held in February of each year. Boat tours are available at the Salton Sea to view the various habitats of the migratory birds. Geothermal activity is a big boost to our local economy. Seven geothermal plants, and three new mineral recovery plants are located along a seven-mile radius near the Salton Sea. The City of Calipatria is also a short hour’s drive to the beautiful Colorado River.

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