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NOTICE City Utility Billing Updates

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

City of Calipatria Residents:

In late summer of 2021 the city experienced a major server/backup failure. This has been a major setback to the City’s daily business operations as we had to resort to manual processes. City staff has been reconstructing the utility billing, and accounting records while still conducting day to day operations of a full-service city.  We strive to continue providing the same service levels to the Calipatria residents.  Staff is entering the sewer and trash payments daily, it is extremely important that you keep any and all receipts from the city; this is crucial for your account balance in case of any discrepancy.

We anticipate to be back to our normal billing schedule in February 2022.  As a courtesy, late fees have not been assessed during this time. Late fees will apply to the February billing.  

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.
City of Calipatria Staff